Causes close to my heart

I found that song writing was the most healthy and relatable way to air my frustrations regarding my issues when growing up. I suffered from depression and high amounts of anxiety in social surroundings. This resulted in seeking role models who would speak on similar things through music i.e. Lauryn Hill and Lisa-Left Eye Lopes to keep me with hope that I am not alone. Their lyrics spoke to me about overcoming struggle and I craved the chance to speak about mine to provide the support that felt when hearing theirs.

I would like to give support to more females in hostels and although so far been able to by performing at many showcases for hostels and sheltered housing, I would always like to do more... and within my career make it my mission to achieve this.

This is why I speak so open within my lyrical content. Expressing personal experiences as well as openly supporting organisations such as "Time To Change" ( ) and events such as LGBTQ Pride Festivals across Europe.

It's a huge passion to give insight on homelessness and hostel experiences as well as depression and mental health through my music. It gives me huge pride to take part in various youth organisations aiming to build the confidence in young women, especially schemes that allow their personal experiences to be feel un-ignored.