Call Me Unique


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After taking time away to craft her bravest release to date, Call Me Unique is back in 2017 with Urban Gypsy 2, supported by the PRS for Music Foundation.

She has returned with a sequel to the previously released 'Urban Gypsy' EP, beginning with the first official single; Shoulda, produced by friend and fellow Brummie musician, Ed Geater.

Unique's single lyrics delve into an array of personal experiences, letting us into a diary of emotions felt and personal experiences outside of her career in music.

Described as merging the sounds of Ed Sheeran "loop pedal style" and Ella Fitzgerald inspired scatting - clever hints of idols Lisa Lopes, Lauren Hill and Ella Fitzgerald, her shows always leave her audiences wanting more.
One thing is for sure, "she makes her mark in music MORE than JUST the treble clef on her cheek."
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I found that song writing was the most healthy and relatable way to air my frustrations regarding my issues when growing up. I suffered from depression and high amounts of anxiety in social surroundings.